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Green lawn care is low noise, zero emissions, and the way of the future for lawn care. We are the first lawn care company in Dayton to offer this service to customers.

Why Green Lawn Care?

Almost all of us can relate to the experience of awakening from our peaceful sleep on a Saturday morning by the neighbors cranking up their lawnmower.

One of the biggest benefits of going electric is that our equipment is up to four times quieter than comparable gas equipment. In fact, most of the time, you won’t even know we are there.

Zero Emissions

Outdoor power equipment such as mowers, blowers, trimmers, tractors, ATVs, and the like are not nearly as regulated by the EPA as on-road vehicles. As a result, emissions from them can be 30 times worse.  In fact, one EPA study found that one small 3hp push mower emits the same amount of air pollution as 11 cars driving at 55 mph. Translate that to a large 24hp commercial gas mower equivalent to our electric mower, and that’s the same amount of pollution as 88 cars driving at 55 mph. Talk about making a difference!

Low Maintenance

Why do you care if our equipment requires only about 5% of the maintenance required for gas equipment? Because time is money. The less time we’re spending maintaining our equipment, along with all of the money we’re saving by not having to put gas in it every day, means that we can pass those savings on to you. We can offer you the quality service you expect, along with a better experience, at a competitive price.

Pet Friendly

As loud as those gas mowers are to us, imagine how traumatizing they can be for our pets. Our quieter mowers can greatly reduce the stress for your furry family members. Also, there is no risk for your pets from gas spills or oil leaks.

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Lawn Programs

Regular Lawn Maintenance Programs

We currently offer a 5-Step Lawn Care Program, along with customized lawn care programs to meet our customers’ needs..

5-Step Lawn Care Program

  • Step 1. Crabgrass Control – Prevents crabgrass all season long.
  • Step 2. Weed and Feed Control – Controls actively growing weeds, such as dandelions and thistles, while feeding and strengthening the lawn.
  • Step 3. Insect Protection and Feed Control – Protects against all insects and strengthens the lawn against heat and drought.
  • Step 4. Fall Fertilization – A well-balanced fertilizer with slow release nitrogen to keep the lawn green and growing through the fall.
  • Step 5. Winter Feeding – Prepares the lawn for winter to protect it from the cold temperatures.

Custom Lawn Care Program

  • Step 1. We evaluate the lawn to find out what the lawn needs the most.
  • Step 2. We start the program your lawn needs
  • Step 3. The Best Lawn on the Block!

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